10 000 ft Skydive in Mossel Bay


Enjoy a 10 000 ft tandem scenic skydive flight in Mossel Bay.

Experience the beautiful view of the Outenique Mountains and the Garden Route coast while you are free falling at 220 km per hour for 35-40 seconds.

As soon as the parachute is open, you will experience an amazing view from 4000 feet above the ground. 

For an additional sky diving fee, you can receive a video, photos and a certificate of your tandem jump or get an experienced camera man to take photos of you while you are free falling.

Book a tandem skydive today and experience the adrenalin pumping through your body as you free fall from 10 000 ft.

duration & Requirements

Open Ended

Mossel Bay Airfield -34.159012S 22.060115E At the N2 bridge

What to wear:
Comfortable clothing and lace-up footwear or running shoes with jeans and a warm jersey during the winter.

What to bring:
Passport or Identity document.